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An HVAC appliance needs professional attention to work efficiently. If the system does not receive the right amount of attention, you will face several problems regarding your comfort and health. Contact a professional to get the best air conditioning services in Duluth, GA.

Air conditioner problems

  • Leakage

Leakages include both refrigerant leakage and water leakage. If it is a water leakage issue, it may be due to a clogged drain pipe or leveling issues. You can flush the drain pipe with vinegar to remove clogs. If the leakage is due to leveling issues or refrigerant, you should probably contact a professional instead.

  • Dirty air filters

Air filters purify the indoor air. Over time, they get dirty with the dirt and dust present in your home. You should replace them regularly to ensure you do not face breathing issues. Moreover, dirty air filters force your air conditioner to work harder, so your monthly energy bills may increase.

  • Busted compressor

Any damage to the compressor is permanent, which means you will have to contact a professional technician to replace the compressor. Do not try to replace it yourself as you may damage the other parts connected to the compressor.

  • Frozen coils

Due to excessive dirt and dust in the system, the coils carrying the refrigerant develop ice on their surface. This ice formation does not allow the system to work efficiently, and your system will not cool properly. You can melt the ice by switching off the system for some time or using a dryer to melt it off.

Furnace problems

  • Thermostat malfunctioning

The thermostat connected to your furnace determines the adequate temperature for your home. If the thermostat malfunctions or faces temperature detection issues, your furnace will not maintain the right temperature, and your comfort will decrease. Check your thermostat frequently or install a smart thermostat.

  • Power supply issues

One of the most unexpected reasons for your furnace to stop working is it is not receiving power. There may be problems with the socket or plug, so check them before switching on your furnace.

  • Unwanted sounds and smells

A furnace has several components that can face damage in numerous ways. The damage to those parts leads to unwanted sounds and smells. Since the variety is too much, you should contact a professional technician for heating repair in Duluth to find the exact cause of the issue and let us fix it for you.

  • Dirty air filters

A furnace also has air filters like an air conditioner which need timely replacement. You can replace them yourself or contact a technician to do it for you, along with other tune-ups.

  • Hot and cold pockets

Vents carry the warm air that a furnace generates to all parts of your home. If you notice that some parts of your home are colder, you should check your vents for blockages and leakages.

Just Cooling Air Conditioning & Heating has helped hundreds of families with HVAC services. Our experienced technicians with unique solutions will fix all of your HVAC-related problems within the stipulated time. We understand the chaos a malfunctioning HVAC unit brings, and we strive to fix it at the earliest to resume your comfort.