Heat Pump Repair in Duluth, Marietta, Suwanee, GA and Surrounding Areas

Winters in Duluth can be harsh. The temperature sometimes goes below 7 degrees Fahrenheit, and many homeowners depend heavily on their heating systems to provide comfort and respite from the cold.

Three Factors Before Heat Pump Installation

A heat pump is more in demand than a furnace for heating. The main reason is its energy efficiency. Once you choose the best heat pump for your residence, the next task is to take proper care of it.

This care involves annual services and prompt repairs. If you are about to install a heat pump, you should check the following three factors before heat pump installation in Duluth.

  • Heat pump size
    Whether the HVAC is under-sized or oversized, both mistakes bring a lot of trouble. Therefore, it becomes essential to invest in accurate size to prevent sizing-related heat pump malfunctions. The best way to find a suitable heat pump size is to take the help of an HVAC expert.

  • Surrounding climate
    If your area usually experiences a temperature below 30 degrees, you may need more than the heat pump to help you during winter. In this situation, you can install a dual-fuel heating system if you want efficient HVAC equipment that can serve you throughout the year.
  • Types of heat pump


  • You will get three types of heat pump to choose from:

  • The most efficient heat pump is an air source, a heat pump that will cost approx $3000 to $9000 for installation.

  • A water-source heat pump installation costs you a bit less than the former but will not be as efficient as the air source.

  • The most efficient heat pump is a geothermal ground source heat pump that provides maximum heating, but this type is too expensive to install and can cost you above $10000.

Reasons You Need Heat Pump Repair

Like any other HVAC, heat pumps also indicate the need for repair services through various malfunctions. The six heat pump malfunctions that alert you for emergency heating services in Duluth, GA, are:

  • Bad smell and odd noises.
  • High electricity bills.
  • Uneven and Slow air circulation.
  • Cool air during winter and vice versa.
  • The heat pump shuts down frequently.
  • Not working according to the temperature settings.

What Leads to Emergency Heating Services?

  • After going through the malfunctions that invite an emergency heat pump repair in Duluth, you may be curious to know what causes your heat pump to malfunction and how to prevent this.

  • The most common reason for malfunction is the system has yet to be serviced annually. If you skip annual heating services every year, the system will deteriorate faster and make you deal with the above-listed malfunctions.

  • Another reason is that you have invested in the wrong heat pump size or poor installation. Trust only experienced and qualified HVAC technicians to perfectly install the correct heat pump.

  • Another reason for an abnormally functioning heat pump is the warranty is about to end, and you need a new heat pump.

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