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Heat pumps are durable and dependable house heating devices. But they can’t last forever, so your system stops working after hefty malfunctions. Unfortunately, this expiration date is not set, so be prepared for emergency heating service in Duluth, GA. However, you can identify the warning signs shown by your system by the following methods.

Telltale signs that your heat pump requires replacement

Before your heat pump goes out of service, it warns you of certain signs. 

  • Inadequate heating
    If your heat pump has been running for hours and you still notice uneven heating, cold air, and cold spots in your home, it is a sign of malfunction. Heat pump replacement in Duluth, GA, is often the only possible solution.
  • Old age
    After ten years of continuous operation, the efficiency and functionality of your heat pump decrease in a way that can not be set with repair and tune-ups. However, contact a professional for more specific solutions.
  • Spiked energy bills
    With malfunctioning internal components, your heat pump will short cycle and take longer to heat the house. It increases your energy bills tremendously, leaving you only with replacement to reduce utility costs.
  • Frequent need for repairs
    Small repairs after prolonged use are acceptable. However, if your heat pump is breaking down frequently and the repair costs are piling up, it is time to replace the entire unit rather than spend a hefty amount on repairs.
  • Loud alarming noises
    Please pay attention to the sounds your heating system produces when it runs. Hissing might indicate a refrigerant leak, while the other jarring noises indicate a broken internal component. Ask our HVAC contractor to inspect and fix the issue at the earliest.


Amana HVAC

Why choose professionals for cooling and heating services in Duluth, GA?

  • Professional technicians
    A team of professionals is committed to providing secure heat pump installation in Duluth and maintenance jobs with no hidden costs and unwanted delays.
  • Latest equipment
    TThe experts are up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment to provide hassle-free and high-quality heating services. They are always ready for emergencies with our fully-equipped service.
  • Certified and licensed
    You want to avoid hiring an unskilled mechanic and regret it later because of the damaged equipment. These experts are certified and experienced technicians who receive extensive training before being hired.
  • Client testimonials
    You can visit the pages and see the testimonials of previous clients about the expert team and their unmatched work quality.
  • Emergency services
    Experts understand the risks behind emergencies and the value of time. It is why they are open to work all day and night without any superficial charges.


Amana Heat Pump AVZ20

High-Efficiency Heat Pump with Inverter Technology

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