As the sweltering summer heat bears down upon us, the last thing anyone wants is their air conditioning system to break down. Picture yourself during a scorching day, seeking refuge indoors, only to find your cooling system malfunctioning. The discomfort and frustration can be unbearable! At Just Cooling ATL, we understand the importance of a fully functional air conditioning system, so we offer you the most reliable air conditioner services in Duluth, GA, and surrounding areas.

To make it more convenient, we have compiled eight common causes that can lead to AC breakdowns. Awareness of these issues can help you take preventive measures and ensure your cooling system remains in top-notch condition to beat the heat efficiently.

  • Lack of Regular Maintenance

One of the primary reasons for air conditioning system breakdowns is neglecting routine maintenance. Like any other complex machinery, your AC needs regular check-ups and servicing. Dust and debris can accumulate within the system, affecting its efficiency and potentially causing malfunctions. Scheduling annual maintenance with a professional technician from Just Cooling ATL will keep your system running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

  • Dirty or Clogged Filters

Air filters are crucial in maintaining indoor air quality and efficient airflow within the system. Over time, these filters can become clogged with dirt, dust, and other particles. When the filters are dirty, your AC has to work harder to push air through, leading to increased energy consumption and possible breakdowns. Regularly cleaning or replacing filters is a simple yet effective way to prevent this issue.

  • Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is the lifeblood of your air conditioning system, responsible for cooling the air. If there’s a refrigerant leak, it not only compromises the cooling capacity but can also lead to significant damage to the compressor and other components. If you notice a drop in cooling performance, hissing sounds, or ice buildup on the outdoor unit, contact Just Cooling ATL immediately to diagnose and fix the issue. We are at your service with comprehensive AC repair services in Duluth and surrounding areas.

  • Electrical Component Failures

Your AC system consists of various electrical components prone to wear and tear over time. Malfunctioning capacitors, relays, or wiring can cause your air conditioner to break down unexpectedly. Attempting DIY fixes can be dangerous and may void warranties, so it’s best to leave electrical repairs to experienced professionals like those at Just Cooling ATL.

  • Compressor Issues

The compressor is the heart of your air conditioning system, responsible for circulating refrigerant and facilitating heat exchange. Compressor problems can be attributed to electrical failures, refrigerant issues, or overheating. Regular maintenance and prompt attention to unusual sounds or performance issues can help detect and address compressor problems early on.

  • Thermostat Problems

A faulty thermostat can lead to uneven cooling or make your AC system work erratically. Incorrect temperature readings or an unresponsive thermostat can be indicators of a problem. Changing to a programmable or smart thermostat can optimize cooling schedules and increase energy efficiency.

  • Frozen Evaporator Coils

A frozen evaporator coil is a common problem caused by reduced airflow or refrigerant issues. Ice forming on the coils prevents proper heat exchange and reduces cooling efficiency. Regular maintenance and ensuring proper airflow around the indoor unit can help prevent this from happening.

  • Age and Wear

AC systems have a limited lifespan, typically 10 to 15 years. As your AC ages, its components wear out, and the likelihood of breakdowns increases. Suppose your system is approaching its golden years. In that case, investing in a newer, more energy-efficient model from Just Cooling ATL might be more cost-effective, which can also provide improved cooling performance.

Taking care of your air conditioning system and being mindful of these eight common causes of breakdowns will help you stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the hottest months. At Just Cooling ATL, we are dedicated to keeping your AC system in optimal condition, providing reliable services and expert advice to keep you cool and comfortable all summer. Act proactively and reach out to us, day or night, as we provide emergency AC repair services in Duluth, GA. Don’t wait for a breakdown; take action now.

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