HVAC repair is essential to enhance the condition of an oddly functioning heating and cooling system. Unfortunately, some HVAC malfunctions are rare and require expensive solutions.

A few HVAC problems have no other solution than a replacement, while some HVAC repairs are the most common problem experienced by almost every HVAC owner, and these problems may or may not need expensive repairs.

The Top 10 Most Common HVAC Repairs in Duluth!

Common HVAC issues usually need some easy fixes. However, when a DIY solution fails, you should immediately contact our professional for repair because these common HVAC problems can extend and get worse with time. The most common HVAC repairs are the following:

  1. Dirty HVAC system: The dirty coils, drain lines, and burners cause clogging and blocks the HVAC operation. This problem further leads to leakage, overheating, frequent shutdowns, etc. Contact our HVAC contractor in Duluth, GA for an annual cleaning service to prevent this situation.

  2. Flame-related issue: The central heater produces heat through a pilot flame. Sometimes that flame changes its color, which indicates a harmful gas leak. You may notice flickering or no flame in the pilot light. This failure indicates an ignition lockout and insufficient gas. Contact us for HVAC repair in Duluth to eliminate flame-related issues.

  3. Temperature failures: Any defect in the thermostat can cause temperature fluctuation and partial heating. It will lead to an uneasy indoor atmosphere and needs an HVAC repair. Temperature settings unsuitable to climate can also cause temperature failures.

  4. Loud operation: When your HVAC produces strange sounds that get loud, the indoor atmosphere becomes extremely disturbing. In this situation, get in touch with our experienced HVAC contractor in Duluth to get relief from HVAC disturbance.

  5. Tripped circuit breaker: The circuit breaker flipping down is the most common HVAC repair in Duluth. It mostly happens due to poor thermostat settings. You can fix it by locating and restarting the circuit.

  6. Clogged air filter: The dirty air filter results from neglected filter replacement. When you avoid replacing your filter air on time, it gets clogged and causes problems in other components. It is essential to replace the air filter once every three months to ensure smooth functioning.

  7. Difficult operation: Poor maintenance and wear and tear will make it hard for the HVAC to operate efficiently. One of the most common outcomes of the hard mechanism is high electricity bills. You should schedule a service with our HVAC repair expert in Duluth to inspect the system.

  8. Coolant or gas leak: Some strange sounds and odors indicate a coolant or gas leak from the HVAC. Your heating and cooling system may also leak water when the boiler, drip pan, and condensate drain line have a crack or defect. The gas leak will need an emergency repair from a well-qualified HVAC contractor in Duluth because it can affect your health.

  9. Constantly running fan: All the HVAC systems run according to a heating and cooling cycle. Schedule a repair when your HVAC operates without any break rather than following the heating and cooling cycle. Setting the thermostat to ON mode instead of AUTO can also cause this problem.

  10. AC or heater odors: While the HVAC units are supposed to produce bearable or almost negligible noise, they must not release any odor. When the HVAC causes strange smells, contact our HVAC contractor in Duluth for assistance.


These common HVAC problems are the outcome of poor maintenance. Therefore, you can prevent all these unexpected situations by scheduling annual maintenance. Just Cooling Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in HVAC repair in Duluth. Our experts can help you maintain and keep your residential HVAC system