Before you on your furnace for the first time after it has been sitting dormant for a long time, there are some steps you should take to prepare it for the cold weather. A well-prepared furnace is more reliable and energy-efficient than furnaces that don’t get any care.

Our technicians are well experienced in winterizing furnaces and performing heating repairs in Duluth. But, before you contact our professional, Here are some home preparations you can make to help your heating system. Keep reading for more information!

Winterize your heater in six steps!

The type of HVAC equipment you own does not impact its maintenance needs. The heat pump and central heater work more efficiently and provide perfect heating when winterizing these units for severely cold weather.

Pre-winter preparation also eradicates emergency heating services in Duluth, GA, from your winter requirements.

  • Get the durable insulation done.

The insulation protects wiring, piping, ductwork, and the entire HVAC system. It prevents leakage and electrical hazards. It also guarantees better heating and longer HVAC life. However, if the insulation is rotten, cracked, or rusted, it will harm the HVAC system and its performance. Therefore, you should inspect the insulation before winter. If you find any problem, get it replaced.

You can also replace the insulation yourself. You can measure the size of the old insulation accurately to replace it with the perfect fit.

Contact Just Cooling for emergency heating services in Duluth, GA.

  • Get your HVAC serviced

It is beneficial to get your HVAC examined by an HVAC expert. Our expert will enhance its overall condition and let you know if you need a heating repair in Duluth. The dirt and debris accumulated in the heater cause maximum heating issues.

You also get a thorough cleaning service when you schedule an annual tune-up. As a result, you experience better air quality during winter after scheduling fall maintenance.

In addition, annual maintenance also stretches the heating system’s life by preventing malfunctions.

  • Invest in a new filter

The HVAC air filter protects the heating components from dirt and ensures better air quality. Good indoor air quality is in significant demand because the air you inhale affects your health.

The furnace or heat pump air filter needs a replacement once every 90 days. Therefore, you should replace the air filter before winter to prevent blockage and heating repairs in Duluth. If you have a non-disposable air filter, wash it three to four times a year.

  • Drain the outdoor pipes

The outdoor pipes freeze up quickly during winter and obstruct the heating performance. You should avoid using outdoor pipes for watering the grasses during the winter season. Therefore, drain and shut down the outdoor pipe to prevent ice build-up.

  • Clear the outdoor area

The grasses, shrubs, bushes, vines, etc., block the outdoor HVAC unit and lead to ice build-up. Hence, trim the outdoor vegetation before winter to prevent emergency heating services in Duluth. Cut the tree branch as well to prevent leaves from accumulating in the HVAC system.

  • Test the HVAC operation

After replacing the filter, trimming the vegetation, and maintaining your HVAC, you need to test its heating quality. Set the required temperature on the thermostat and test your HVAC performance. If the HVAC performance is poor, hire our technician for heating repair in Duluth.

When you schedule a tune-up, you don’t have to tackle the hassle of examining HVAC performance and troubleshooting the defects because a tune-up includes everything your HVAC needs.


The essential step to winterize your heater is to remove all the defects by booking an annual service. You can get the best HVAC service by hiring the excellent technicians of Just Cooling Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide fast and specialized HVAC services from experienced and NATE-certified professionals. Call (678) 825-4328 to schedule emergency heating services in Duluth.